GCSEs? Completed Them Mate.

I’m back guys,

I have officially finished my exams and had a week off to recover from my lack of sleep and high stress levels. I can safely say that within this week I have done nothing productive and it has been bliss.

I am thinking of redesigning this blog for the summer and because I will hopefully be uploading more on here and I want it to look all fresh and different and take this blog really seriously as a job in media is the dream. Also, I think I may try to do some videos and upload them on to YouTube, they won’t be vlog type videos because I don’t have the confidence for that yet, but I will hopefully make some more “artsy” videos of my summer.

I have a few post ideas that I want to do over the next few months but you have any suggestions then please feel free to suggest any ideas that you have for posts that you want to see.

Thanks for bearing with me over the past month or so!



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