Mid Exam Update

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted anything since February which is a terrifying thought that it’s been that long, but I have unfortunately had exams and they have really taken it out of me. I am on half term at the moment and I am nearly half way through my papers and only have two weeks left once I’m back and then they are over!

Because it is half term I have taken the liberty of doing nothing for a whole week. Many have used this week to revise and catch up on content before the exams start again. I have been painting, watching my favourite shows, listening to music and spending time with family before summer.

Many people may feel pressured to make sure they are doing enough work and they may feel as though the amount of work they do is never enough. I have felt guilty of this but recently my mind set has shifted because even though grades are important for now, so is my mental health. I suffer from depersonalisation and get incredibly distant from everyone if I get too tired or stressed- as you can imagine this hasn’t been a fun time for me.

I might do another post on depersonalisation at some point and also may do a post on my holiday that I’m going on in July- Yay for Munich!

So yeah that is my current situation and I haven’t abandoned this blog completely because I have enjoyed having a creative outlet to share my opinions and feelings on situations and introduce others to new things I enjoy.

Cheers for sticking around,


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