Exam Ramble- Mood


So the peaceful tranquility that once was, has now gone. The stress and tiredness are back I have been staying after school 3 days a week to get things finished and do revision, I have a performance coming up for drama and an art exam in March spreading over 2 days.

However, after exams there will be a holiday and work experience and a job where I can do what I want to do instead of stress over subjects like maths and science, that are simply just not my thing. I may be having work experience for a theatre company and doing a course in theatre production, I have also started turning an old devised piece in to a real play and I’m currently writing out the script.

Needless to say I have found what I want to do and what makes me happy but I just need to make it through this dark section to get there. Even though I complain about deadlines I couldn’t imagine my life without course work or rehearsals or at least something to do. It keeps me busy and I am always able to incorporate the elements of performance and artwork that I enjoy.

If anybody would like me to talk more about these courses and my experience taking such heavy subjects then do let me know.

Also, I am currently doing an all year playlist where I add one song everyday and hopefully I will have 365 songs on it by the end of the year and I can look back on all the memories that each song has.

Anyways, that is a quick update but I might start doing some “proper” posts soon like I used to.



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