New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I’m writing this at 20:25pm on New Year’s day, and I’m feeling good. I thought I would share with you my New Years resolutions, please feel free to comment yours and also if you have any ideas for things you would like me to cover on this blog then please let me know!

My Resolutions

  • Use and stick to my Bullet Journal– I bought a moleskin in Summer 2016 and have used around 3 pages of it. I find it difficult to stick with Bullet Journals because they require a lot of effort to set up properly but I have taken it upon myself to start setting it up before the start of this year to make sure that it is ready for the first few months of the year.
  • Sign up to a BFI course- In September this year I will starting to study my A-Levels and one of those will (hopefully) be Film Studies. In this I will able to understand and create film but by doing a course run by the British Film Institute I will gain a lot more experience and then I can hopefully go in to a career in film.
  • Start my Driving Lessons- In September I will be turning 17 and that means I will be able to start driving lessons. The thought of driving does scare me but I want to have done at least one lesson this year just so that I can say that I have done it. Then if I enjoy it I can continue and then pass my test or I don’t have to continue but at least I will be able to say I had at least one lesson.
  • Get a Job – To be able to start earning my own money has always been a but of a fantasy idea for me, I want to work but with my exams coming up in May/June I am waiting until the summer of this year. I know that I will have work experience after my exams and this will hopefully set me off in the right direction.
  • Be healthier- I say “healthier” instead of “healthy” because times are going to get busy and to be able to go to the gym and eat clean is going to be difficult but I just need to drink more water, exercise a bit more and eat healthier and I will be happy. However, I also need to be healthier mentally instead of just physically because towards the end of this year has been quite bad mental health wise. I have felt depressed on numerous days and I have seen an increase in my anxiety levels which I can talk about in more detail in another post. This year I want to really tackle anxiety, depression and stress because even for these few months I’ve really felt them I have already had enough of them. I want to find my triggers and find a way around them, whether that be through meditation or going to see a specialist.

In this post I haven’t written “Get good exam results” because I feel that my life revolves so much around these exams that I eventually won’t care about. All I want to do is pass and then I can go on to things like the BFI course and the work experience because I feel that, that is what is going to get me a good job in film and TV.

Anyways I wish you all a very happy new year!


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