My 2017 Playlist


I though I would do another music related post as I have only done one since September.  As it is Christmas and the end of the year I have decided to make a playlist of my 2017, I will leave a link to my Spotify for this blog and then you can also look at some of my other playlists.

I have chosen songs that I have listened to all throughout the year so as you can imagine it is rather big. I won’t talk about all of the songs but I wanted to talk about a few that have really stuck out to me this year.

Mia & Sebastian’s Theme from La La Land is beautiful, there are no words it is an instrumental and yet the simplicity of just having a piano playing works. I watched La La Land in February and this song has stuck with me all the way through to December.

Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys was something I listened to in the spring where the days started to get lighter and things were starting to feel more uplifting. I would listen to this song with friends and I have many happy memories of us listening to this throughout lunch all sat together.

Broken by Jake Bugg is a sad song but I love it, the echo-ey tone in Bugg’s voice and the simple guitar in the background make this song powerful and ideal to listen to with headphones late at night.

Would You Be So Kind? By dodie is the catchiest song I have listened to all year, it is one of those songs you repeat so much that you forget that it is part of an EP with other amazing songs on it.

On my playlist I also have songs by The Beatles, Stone Roses and Oasis which I love dearly but to contrast this I have also listened to a lot of soundtracks this year such as Falsettos, The Greatest Showman and Hamilton. All of these songs have been a huge part to my 2017.

I am hoping to start a playlist next year where I add a song everyday so by the end of it I have 365 songs to share with you.

Have a Happy New Year



One thought on “My 2017 Playlist

  1. Awesome post! I’m new here & would love if you had the time to check out my post about songs and follow if you liked it! Thanks so much! Rachel 😊❤️

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