Updates and Motivation


Things are starting to look up, my mocks finish on Thursday and I have chosen my A-levels, I have pretty much finished my coursework for art and it’s nearly Christmas.

The A-levels I have chosen are English Lit, Art and Film Studies.

I felt inspired to write because I just watched a documentary on John Noakes, this man was fearless he climbed up Nelson’s column without a harness just using multiple ladders that had been tide to the column with rope. He has also done skydives, climbed a crane as well as became one of the most famous Blue Peter presenters.

I feel inspired after watching this man, he said “yes” to everything and made a character for himself so he could be outgoing even though he felt shy which is something I relate to.

Going forward from this, last night we had family friends round for dinner. Their son who is a year older than me is studying a media course whilst doing a BFI course (British Film Institute). He has also done extra work. This is helping me to realise that working in the film industry isn’t impossible and even if I only do extra work for a time then I would be happy.

Back to John Noakes he started as a small actor until he was discovered by an agent then he went to Broadway and then small bits on TV until he then got auditioned for Blue Peter. This has helped me to understand that this career does not seem unattainable- it could really happen!

Anyways that is a small catch up, I may be posting more regularly after mocks.



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