Theme Update


Today is a strange day. I guess it feels strange because I’m not doing anything and it all seems a bit slow.

I’ve never been one for lazy days, I like to be out and about and I find sitting down and doing nothing quite tiring -oh the irony.

Of course I believe that these days are necessary to keep you sane and rested but it would help if they went by a little bit quicker.

However I have taken this free time as an opportunity to play around with themes on the blog and also take some pictures as I quite like the idea of using photos to also set a theme and add something to the posts.

I find huge blocks of text quite daunting, hence the starting a new paragraph at the end of every single sentence.

Anyways that is a small update as to what is happening in my life right now.

(Also can we please appreciate how beautiful these Dahlias are, they are quite possibly my favourite flower of all time)


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